Her Choice

Step into her shoes

She is teenager

She is late

She was raped

Step into her shoes

She listens to he mother

She is silenced

She couldn’t believe it was her father

Step into her shoes

She is poor but a young hard-working mother

She can’t fight the depression

She is with her 4th child and dad is out with Bambi, spending her own hard-earned money, for the 4th straight night

Step into her shoes

She sat down on the bus on her way home after a 14-hour shift, underpaid

She was held back, gang-raped

She is thrown out of her home

Step into her shoes

She had only one drink

She was falling over at the college house party only after

She told him to hold her drink a minute

Step into her shoes

She’s an addict and can’t get out

She’s homeless and refuses help

She’s been violated over 20 times by her older cousin left to babysit her when she was only a child

Step into her shoes

She doesn’t have a heart and her family knows it

She can’t control her anger, her mind is scattered and has mental issues

She will leave a trail of destruction

Step into her shoes

She fell into bad company, met a boy and committed a crime

She’s incarcerated and will do 10 years time

Step into her shoes

She fell in love, he was possessive

She was made to believe his love was true

She opened her eyes, no longer blind

She saw his dark side when he threatening her holding a steel pipe

Step into their shoes…

Now she has a choice when she didn’t have a voice

Step into their shoes…